When you spend the extra money  on a high-quality roof its longevity and durability are one of the major factors for that decision. The problem is that even top quality roofing products cannot survive to the end of their service life if the following 4 negative factors exist.

Here are 4 reasons why your roof could prematurely fail.

1. Poor Installation

You cannot expect your roof to last its entire service life if it is not installed properly. In fact if it is not installed according to the manufacturers specifications they will not honor any claims that the roof failed early because it was defect. You must ensure that your contractor is knowledgeable on the roofing products they are installing and that the installation guidelines are adhered too. Be careful if your main shopping criteria is price. You will likely end up with a budget contractor who will take shortcuts during the installation.

2. Reused Flashing

One of the biggest problems we see when called to investigate leaks is that the previous contractor did not replace the flashing. With few exceptions flashing must be replaced every time. If your roof has metal valley flashing that is not replaced it will be riddled with nail holes. If you have ever seen metal valley flashing after the shingles have been removed it looks like Swiss cheese. It must be replaced. The new shingles will cover the valley flashing and hide the existing holes from sight. However, they cannot keep water from penetrating those holes and deterioration the roof decking. Keep in mind that flashing is at least as old as your roof covering. Be sure and confirm that your contractor will be replacing the flashing along with your roof.

3. Inadequate Attic Ventilation

In Fort Worth, or any similarly hot climate, your roof must be properly vented or the shingles will fail early. Roofing manufactures as well as building codes have set standards for ventilation. Most homes 20 years or older are under ventilated. Your home can be vented passively or actively with fans. Each options comes with different benefits. Ventilation is a critical component affecting the service life of your roof so be sure you talk with your contractor about what will work best for your attics design. Failing to properly ventilate your attic will reduce your roofs service life by many years as well as void your roofs manufacturers warranty.

4. Lack of Maintenance

We get it. Its very easy to ignore your roof until you have a roofing problem. However, this will cost you money in the long run. Not maintaining your roof can lead to leaks that would have been otherwise easily avoided. Flashing around chimneys often need to be re-caulked after a few years of exposure. Its also very important to make sure that any trees around your home do not rub your roof. This will quickly lead to leaks and the need for costly repairs. Even if you do not have any reason to believe that your roof has had any form of damage, it is good practice to have your roofing contractor conduct a yearly inspection. Its a choice that will pay off over time by helping you avoid potential problems.