There are a variety of different shingles in the market. Whether you’re using asphalt shingles, architectural shingles, and 3-tab shingles, these roofing materials will still have an expected lifespan. At the end of the lifespan of these shingles, they’re already eroded and broken from the constant flow of water. As such, the best course of action for old and sagging roofs is to get a roof replacement. 

can metal roofs be installed over shingles

There are some homeowners who would rather skip through the whole roof replacement process than having to replace their old layer. Although most contractors would say that this is a bad decision, this could also save money on the short-term.

But before we can make a final verdict that you can place a metal roof over shingles, we have to weigh-in on certain factors first. 

Factors to Consider

Metal roofs are one of the more versatile materials that you’ll find in the market. But just like every other material out there, there are some requirements and preparations that have to be done. Planning out your metal roofs in one thing, installing them is another. 

Support Structures

Most professional roofing contractors would say that you won’t need to have a roof wrap around under metal roofing. Homeowners should not fall for this trick since metal roofing can still leak. Without having the proper roof wrap, water can cause rotting and rusting on your roof’s inner layer. 

Accumulated Weight 

There are roofs that will weigh over a ton, and in most cases, these roofs can cause a lot of pressure on your roof’s supporting structures. Having a good amount of weight can protect your roof from high winds, but it will also place stress on your house’s walls and eaves. 

Long-term Damage

Most roofing contractors would go against overlaying for a number of different reasons. First is that it will cover up the damages of your roof which can hide molds and mildews. Secondly, this can affect the value of your home when you’re having it inspected. Thirdly, your metal roof will warp and bulk if it is not properly installed. 

Warranty Standards 

Sometimes warranties are quite specific on what they cover. If you want your warranty to cover your roofing material, there are certain conditions that it has to meet. In this case, overlaying can be one of the main reasons why warranties might become void. There’s no hurt in consulting your professional roofing specialist first so that you’ll know what your roof’s warranty covers. 

Best Choice

If you’re going to install a metal roof over asphalt shingles or any shingles in general, your best bet are steel shingles instead of standing seam metal roofing. This is because standing seam metal roofing tend to run from the ridge of the roof down to the edge of your roof which will make it more susceptible to warping and damages. 

On the other hand, steel shingles are small panels that are placed in the same way that your conventional asphalt shingles are placed. 

Overlaying vs Replacement

There are individuals who would choose to overlay their roof since it is the best way to save money, time, and effort. However, overlaying can cause many problems in the long-term and everything should check out first before being implemented. Sure, you’ll be able to finish your new roof installation days earlier, but you’re also inviting damage to your new-found roof in the near future. 

Roof replacements take more time and effort than overlaying since you’ll have to tear off the whole roof. Even though this is going to be a bit messier, will take more time and manpower, this will ultimately pay off in the end. Compared to overlaying, there are more perks to a roof replacement. 

At the end of the day, placing roofing material over another can cause a variety of different problems. As it stands, overlaying has more disadvantages than advantages. If we’re talking about installing metal roofing over shingles, the best choice to use our steel shingles. 

If you’re going to consult a roofing specialist, they’ll tell you that the best course of action is to remove the old roofing. Removing the older layer of your roof can put less stress on your home and can also help keep lengthen the lifespan of your newer roofing Fort Worth

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