Residential Composition Shingles Overview

In today’s saturated residential roofing market, particularly in the Dallas Fort Worth area, it can be hard to filter all of the noise and find the answer relevant you the questions you have about your homes roof. We strive to be the best amongst all the roofing Fort Worth TX area. Between all of the different composition shingle manufacturer’s there must be 100’s if not 1000’s of options currently available in the Dallas Fort Worth residential market. No need to worry however, because we have the answers you need. First things first and that is a basic overview of the categories of shingles available to you.  

There are 3 main categories of residential composition shingles.

  • 3 tab Shingles
  • Laminated Shingles  (or Architectural / Dimensional shingles)
  • Designer or Premium Shingles

Each category offers unique benefits and value for your home. It may seem like a tough choice with too many options. We are here to help.

Call us. We will help you identify which option will best fit your needs.

3 Tab Residential Shingles

For many years 3 tab shingles have been the hallmark of residential composition shingles.  They are the most common type of shingles used for residential housing today. They are most easily identified by the flat appearance. 3 tab shingles are routinely used as the type of shingles builders install when developing new residential sub divisions. One of the main reasons for this is that 3 tab shingles are the most economical choice when roofing a home. However the trade of in upfront savings is that 3 tab shingles also have the shortest service life, especially with the hail and storm damage in the Fort Worth and North Texas area. In most cases manufacture warranties are between 20 to 25 years. However in our experience we know that these types of shingles often only last 15 years before starting to show signs of major wear and developing leaks.  

For those reason when a home’s roof has reached the end of its usability or the home has suffered from wind and hail damage many of our customers choose to upgrade their shingles. That being said our primary goal is to meet your needs first. We will make sure you get the top quality shingles at the best value for your home.

If 3 tab shingles are what you need, let us help make sure you get the best product and the best price.

Laminated Residential Shingles

Most roofing professionals would agree that laminated shingles bring the best overall value of price vs. features in the composite residential roofing market. Laminated shingles are also commonly known as Architectural or Dimensional shingles.  Laminated shingles offer a significant upgrade when compared to the 3 tab shingles that are used in most new construction and are in use on many homes in the Fort Worth area. Besides offering a significant improvement to your homes curb appeal with the various visual styles and colors available, laminated shingles also offer many other benefits to your home.

Benefits of residential laminated shingles over 3 tab shingles include:

  • Longer service life and durability
  • Increase wind and hail resistance
  • Manufacturer warranties from 30 years to lifetime
  • Superior aesthetics
  • Fewer needed roof replacements

With this consideration in mind it’s understandable why so many Fort Worth and North Texas home owners have begun to make the choice to upgrade from 3 tab shingles to laminated shingles. With so many choices in style and color available you will easily be able to find a laminated shingle that goes well with your home. We will help you select top quality laminated shingles that match your style and budget.

We will help you select top quality laminated shingles that match your style and budget. Give us a Call today.

Premium / Designer Residential Shingles

Albeit a more costly option, “designer” or “premium” shingles are the highest quality of laminated shingles available in the residential roofing composition market. They have all of the same benefits that standard laminated shingles offer plus sever additional key features. They are much more durable because they are thicker and heavier. Designer shingles also come in many different styles and shapes, some of which are larger than standard laminated shingles. Virtually all premium shingles are backed by lifetime manufacturer warranties.

Dimensional laminated shingles discussed above bring very nice style and curb appeal to your home, but designer laminated shingles take it to a whole new level. Many are designed to imitate the looks of wood shakes or slate tiles and they do a great job at fooling the eye. If premium designer singles are something you are considering for you home know that although they do cost more upfront they are sure to impress and bring significant value to your home.

When considering a substantial investment to your home such as Premium Designer Shingles remember this.
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