Can you really ensure that your roofing hail damage insurance claim is approved? Is such a thing possible? Well a guarantee of that magnitude is a little of a stretch, however, we can say if you follow our advice approval is Very Likely.

As we all know hail and damaging storms are bound to hit Fort Worth any day. We have even just missed a few hail storms over the past few days. Although only God can know exactly where the hail and damage will occur, we all know it happens enough in North Texas that we should prepare. Its not to late to be proactive before the major storms arrive.

By taking this 1 simple action you can likely ensure that any damage your home may suffer will get approved by insurance.


Inspect your homes roof and exterior before the storm.

Take the time to conduct a thorough inspection and capture pictures of your homes roof and exterior. Be sure to include pictures from many angles and differing light conditions. Pay close attention to areas like gutters, window frames and AC units that have soft metal and easily show dents. Also get pictures of any soft metal components on your roof such as wind turbines or bathroom vents. Another good area to photograph is stained fencing. Stained decks and fencing will clearly show “splash” marks where it has been impacted by hail. Damage in these areas after a storm, that your pictures show did not exists prior to the storm, is positive confirmation of hail damage to your home.


We have seen too many cases where insurance company’s claim the damage on the roof is old damage.

That is why pre-hail storm pictures are so valuable.  With before and after documentation of damage to all of these locations you will be better prepared should you face a situation like that. Any insurance company would be hard pressed to deny your claim with these pictures, especially if you also have clear damage to the roof itself.

With simple preparation and documentation you can like ensure if you do suffer damage that any claim will be approved.

If you would like us to conduct and document a thorough pre storm inspection of your home we are here to help!

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