What are the average prices for residential roofing?

Roofing is measured in “squares,” and one square equals 100 square feet of material. If you don’t already know the size of your roof you should begin by finding the dimensions and there are many calculators available online. From there, you can use these guidelines to estimate the current average costs of the three most popular types of residential roofs in North Texas:

If contractors are charging  prices significantly lower or higher than these ranges, it’s a good idea to find out why. Some companies in an effort to cut costs, actually use recycled metal roofing or a defective shingle, and call it a “new roof.” In other cases a contractor may included components into the job that are necessary, that other contractors would leave off their quote, causing the first contractors quote to appear more expensiveness.

Careful research is necessary to ensure you are comparing equal components and quality when evaluating roofing prices.

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