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insurance Roof claims for Wind and hail storm damage in parker county

North Texas is no stranger to severe and damaging weather and Parker County is no exception. Be it wind damage, hail damage, or even a house fire caused by lighting your roof can be significantly damaged prompting you to file an insurance claim to have it repaired or replaced. Sometimes these events are so severe that you have no doubt your home is damaged. But other times the damage can be more subtle and not readily obvious. For many homeowners, it may have been years, if ever since the last time they have needed to have their roof repaired or replaced by the insurance company. Because of this, we understand the process can be a little trick and stressful for homeowners. 

Our team has years of experience working alongside homeowners and insurance companies to restore and repair your property after storm damage has occurred. 

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What Is The insurance roof Claim Process

The insurance process can be difficult to navigate and stressful for homeowners. Each insurance company has its own process for handling claims with specific nuances. This is one reason it is very important to work with a roofing company that is well versed in working with all insurance companies on storm restoration projects.  We have considerable and current industry knowledge on the processes for each insurance that will make it much easier for you when navigating an insurance roof claim. 

However, with that being said, all insurance companies do share some basic similarities for storm damage property repairs. We have broken the steps down and incorporated them into our 8-step insurance roof replacement process. 

File Insurance Roof Claim With Carrier

The first step is to call in a claim to your insurance company. They will start the processes and in a few days a field adjuster will contact you to setup a inspection of your home.

Trusted Weatherford roofing company inspection and plan

Insurance Adjuster Inspection

Next, the insurance company's field adjuster will come out to inspect your home. They will take notes of any damage they find and create an initial estimate of what they think the replacement cost of the damage will be.

We Review Insurance Scope

After you get the initial scope and estimate from the insurance company we will review it for accuracy and completeness based on our estimate. This includes local building codes and manufacturer requirements they may not be aware of.

Supplements Or Corrections

After our review, if any differences were discovered we will send in the documentation and supporting evidence proving the necessity of these changes to the insurance company. Any differences as a part of the settlement the insurance company has offered you must be addressed at this time.

Material Options And Upgrades

After the final settlement has been reached with the insurance company we will review what has been covered as a part of your roof claim. Then we will go over any possible upgrades to your roofing materials and system at that time. This is a great chance to upgrade your roof to higher-quality material.

Construction Agreement Signed

The next step in the insurance roof replacement process is to finalize the construction agreement for the work we will be doing on your home. Once this has been gone over and the construction agreement signed, we will collect a deposit for the project and schedule the installation date.

Roof Replacement Or Repair

The next step is when the magic happens. Our skilled roofing crews will make the necessary repairs or replace the roof, installing a new high-quality roof that will last you for years. Most roof installs can be completed in 1 day, but in some cases larger or more complex projects may take 2-3 days.

Best Roof replacement with Weatherford roofing company

Continued Service And Care

After we have made the roof repairs or replacement that your home needed because of the storm damage it suffered you can rest assured that we will always be a phone call away should any complications arise. Our premium roofing systems are backed with lifetime warranties. You will always receive priority care.

how much do i have to pay for an insurance roof replacement

Only a fraction! How amazing is that? While having hail or wind damage your home and needing the insurance company to pay for a repair or replacement isn’t exactly something anyone looks forward to, how great is it that you are blessed to have insurance coverage for exactly that?

The out-of-pocket cost for your roof replacement will be limited to your deductible, which for most homeowners is 1 percent of the insured value of the home. So a new roof that cost between $15,000 to $40,000 on average in Parker County, may only cost you between $2,000 and $7,500. What a great value.

When the insurance company is paying for 80 to 90 percent of the full roof replacement cost, it’s also a great chance for you to upgrade your roof to an even higher quality material and roofing system that comes with a lifetime warranty. With that, you will get fantastic homeowners insurance discounts because our premium roofing systems are recognized by the insurance companies as being impact resistant. Most homeowners enjoy somewhere in the range of a 25 to 35 percent discount on their homeowner’s insurance premiums. As if that wasn’t enough another often overlooked benefit is that because you upgraded to a luxury roofing product, you won’t be replacing that roof as often as other homeowners when future damaging wind and hail storms happen. This will save you the hassle and thousands of dollars in the future.

How Long will the insurance Roof Claim and storm damage restoration process take

The short answer is, it depends. Usually our team is about 2 weeks out before we can complete a full roof replacement. Its been our experiance that the insurance process slows that down at least another 2 to 3 weeks. We feel like its a good pace if we are able to work with your insurance company to get your roof replaced in a 4 week window. 

factors that affect how long the insurance roof claim replacement process will take

Many of these factors are completely outside of our control and rest with the insurance companies. Some of these are purely innocent, while others sadly intentional tactics used to delay claims and discourage home or property owners, with the hope they will accept an unfair settlement. 

When these types of tactics are used by insurance companies, as a contractor we have limited power or authority. This is actually limited by law, due to insurance lobbyist, with obvious reason. Some insurance companies don’t want home and property owners to have access to work with highly skilled and knowledgeable  contractors. 

When this happens we have relationships with Public Adjusters and Legal professionals who can step in and help. 

Our promise to you is that we will do all we can within our power to help you get your property or home restored within a reasonable timeframe. We will always be an advocate for you. 

Trusted insurance roof replacement and roof repair company

When a severe storm strikes a property or a home’s roof is damaged by wind or hail you can have peace of mind knowing that our Parker County roofing team is ready to help. We will work with you to ensure your insurance roof repair or replacement process goes as smoothly as possible. The proof is in the amazing reviews and recommendations from home and property owners just like you, who have trusted us with their insurance roofing projects. 

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Common questions about storm damage and insurance repairs and roof replacement

Yes, it is required by Texas State law HB2102 Chapter 707 took effect 9/1/2019 and made clear that homeowners must pay their deductibles and that insurance companies can withhold the funds to repair the home to enforce this.  

We understand some contractors, will say otherwise or offer this to homeowners, however, this is insurance fraud. 

Because we understand sometimes money can be tight, or you might have cashflow issues, we have options in place to help finance the deductible for your roof. 

No. Texas State law and TDI (Texas Department of Insurance) make clear that this is not allowed and insurance companies cannot raise your rates based on filing a claim for natural or weather-related claims. 

Actual Cash Value or ACV is the current market value considering the roof’s age and remaining service life. 

If your roof was expected to last 30 years, but it’s 15 years old it has 15 years of service life remaining. 

Let’s say a new roof would cost $20,0000. The remaining life of the roof is 15 years out of 30 years or 50%. 

So the Actual Cash Value or ACV would be 50% of $20,000, so $10,000. 

Replacement Cost Value or RCV is the cost of full replacement based on the current market conditions, regardless of how old or worn the roof may be at the time. 

On most claims, part of the funds are withheld by the insurance company until the repairs or replacement of the roof is complete. 

Once the work has been completed by your roofing contractor the insurance company will release the final payments, often referred to as the depreciation payment, so that you have recovered funds equal to the current market Replacement Cost Value.

In some cases, roof leaks can be covered by homeowners insurance. 

For a roof leak to be covered by insurance it has to be a sudden or acute leak. Storm damage such as wind and hail, or even a tornado that throws objects like lawn chairs against the roof and causes a leak would be covered. 

Accidental damage such as a large tree limb falling on the roof while trimming the tree would be covered as well. 

Slow, long-term natural weathering would not be covered. Lack of maintenance would also not be covered. 

If you are not sure if the roof leak would be covered it’s always a good idea to check with the insurance company to find out for sure.  

Yes, they can. If homeowners in your area have suffered damage, make claims, and get repairs or replacements of their roof, regardless if you make a claim, your homeowner’s insurance premiums are likely to increase. 

This is because Insurance companies cannot raise individual homeowners’ premiums because of claims. They are required to group covered property into areas by zip code. So when your insurance company has a claim paid out to others in your area for damage, they can in turn raise the rates for all homeowners in that area to cover the losses. 

It depends on the insurance company. So insurance companies will require a homeowner to make repairs or replace the roof before they will cover the home. Other insurance companies will cover the home, but will only offer higher deductibles for damage, because of the higher likelihood the roof is damaged in a storm by wind or hail. 

Insurance Roof repair and Replacement service area in parker county

We know you didn’t want or ask for a storm to damage your home causing you to have to file an insurance claim. But the good news is we do roof repairs and roof replacements in all of Parker County and are ready to solve your roofing problems.