Parker County Metal Roofing Overview

Over the last several years residential metal roofing has become a very popular choice in the Fort Worth area. One reason is that the long-term benefits have begun to outweigh the up front cost. With excellent residential roofing contractor Fort Worth TX offering benefits such as these it is not hard to understand why so many home owners are upgrading their homes to a metal roofing system.

Benefits of residential metal roofs include:

Advancements in the manufacturing techniques and the strength of residential metal roofing systems have helped reduce the price as well as increase durability. The reduced pricing and increased value has helped make residential metal roofing a viable options for many more homeowners. The increased durability has also resulted in the additional benefit of a roofing system that is much less susceptible to damage, which for you the homeowner means fewer roof replacements.

With so many options available in the residential metal roofing market it’s critical that you have trustworthy information when deciding on which material best fits your needs. Below we cover some of the most popular types of residential roofing such as standing seam, aluminum shakes and stone coated steel. Let us use our experience in residential metal roofing to help you make an iron clad choice on which material to install on your home adding value, durability and beauty.

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Standing Seam Residential Roofing

Standing seam metal roofing for residential applications is quickly become the go to residential metal roofing product of choice. Standing seam roofing has been used for many years in business and commercial because of its long service life, durability, resistance to storm damage and its energy efficient characteristics. In comparison to other types of metal roofing, standing seam is also not prone to developing leaks due to the fasteners being concealed. Once installed standing seam roofs also require almost no maintenance.

Long term savings are due to several reasons. First, they reflect away much of the radiant heat from the Texas sun meaning you enjoy a more comfortable home and a lower electric bill. Second, because they are very resistant to storm and hail damage as well as fire exposures from neighboring homes, you will enjoy lower home owner’s insurance premiums. Finally, the roof will likely last longer than you own the home, meaning you won’t have to pay for as many roof replacements!

 For homeowners this translates into substantial cost savings over time. Yes to upfront cost is high, however many homeowners are begging to agree that the long term benefits outweigh the upfront expenses. 

Contact us today to discuss which residential standing seam roofing option will best fit your needs.

Stone Coated Steel Residential Roofing

Stone coated steel and standing seam metal roofs have many of the same key benefits such as durability, resistance to storm damage, energy efficiencies and cost savings.

One thing that is very different however is that unlike standing seam metal roofs which generally speaking have easy to identify uniformed appearance, stone coated steel roofing has comes in many different appearances. Today home owners have so many different styling choices because stone coated steel roofing is manufactured to combine all the superior benefits of steel with all of the classic looks of tiles, shakes or shingles.

If you are wanting all the value metal roofing has to offer but do not want the classic metal roofing appearance associated with standing seam roofs then stone coated steel is exactly what you need. We are confident that making the choice to install a metal roof on your home will be an investment that will continue to provide you savings and long term benefits for years to come.

We offer the highest quality and most durable residential stone coated steel roofing products available. Contact us today to discuss which option best fits your needs.