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Residential Roof Repairs In Parker County

Roof repairs can be tricky. This is why it’s qualified and experienced roofers, like our team, are so valuable when you have a roofing problem. Our Parker County team has years of experience inspecting roofs, diagnosing roof issues, and making the proper repair to solve the problem. 

At some point, all roofs in the Weatherford and Parker County area will need some type of service or repair. This could be because the roof experienced minor storm damage like high winds, or just normal wear and tear issues. 

Regardless of the cause of the damage, our roofing crews are ready to make those roof repairs as needed to fix the problem and extend the life of your roof. In doing so we will also be making sure that you avoid ongoing damages that can result in more damage and costly, extensive repairs. 

Not all roof damage requires a full replacement. Often times a repair will correct the roofing problem and save you money. It’s our commitment to you that we will be honest about the damages we find and if you only need a roof repair, that’s what we will recommend. 

Don’t delay reaching out to our team and allow the damage to continue to get worse. Reach out today so we can get started on making those repairs to your roof. 

what's the average cost of a roof repair?

Roof Repair costs vary and have to be assessed on case-by-case bases. However, most roof repairs are basic and straightforward and cost less than $600. To make it easier to understand we typically classify roof repairs as minor, moderate, or major roof repairs. The cost range is between $300 to over $1,500. Usually for most homes, when the repair cost rises above the $3,500 range it makes sense to start discussing and considering a full roof replacement. 

Minor Roof Repairs
$300 - $500

Include things such as:

* Flashing Repair and Caulking
* Replacing A Few Shingles
* Replacing A Roof Vent
* Replacing A Pipe Jack Vent

Moderate Roof Repairs
$500 - $1,500

Include things such as:

* Sections Of Shingles
* Damaged Decking / Joist
* Skylight Replacement
* Chimney Flashing

Major Roof Repairs
$1,500 And Up

Include things such as:

* Entire Side Of Roof Shingles
* Installing New Vents
* Chimney Siding / Cap / Flashing
* Large Area Of Decking / Joist

What is the roof repair process?

The process to get your roof repaired is too easy, and the consequences and cost of ignoring the problem are too great, for you not to take action and get that roof fixed. Once we have inspected the issue we will be able to provide you with the best solution to fix the issue. In some cases, like just a few missing shingles, we can make the roof repair on the spot. Other times, we may need to order a specific roofing material. Depending on what you tell us over the phone, sometimes we ask homeowners to text us pictures or send a quick video. This helps us be even more prepared with a solution when we arrive. We can also give you a ballpark idea of what we think the repair may cost. Small problems can turn big. That is why we have made our roof repair process simple and Streamlined.  


Contact Our Team

If you have an active roof leak or if you think you might have some damage to your roof don't delay. Reach out to our team so that we can get you on the schedule. Don't let the small problems get bigger.

Roof Leak Inspection

Our team will inspect and investigate the areas you have damage to or areas you have an active or suspect roof leak. Then we will advise you of what we found and the possible solutions.

Fix The Roof Leak

Once you have considered the options for repair and we have a signed repair agreement, we will schedule your roof repair. Some repairs can be completed the same day, but if specific supplies are needed, it could take 1-2 days.

common causes of roof damage that need repaired

Although roof leaks can manifest in many ways, and some are very hard to track down, most of the roofing leaks we find after inspection are traced back to 5 areas. Below is an overview of the most common sources of roof leaking. 

missing or damaged shingles

Almost always, missing or damaged shingles will cause roof leaks. Missing shingles are usually a result of high winds or improperly nailed shingles. Damaged shingles can be caused by flying debris, hail damage, and tree branches rubbing the shingles. Another overlooked cause of shingle damage is human foot traffic caused by walking on the roof.

chimney leaks

Leaking chimneys are often the culprit when your roof is leaking. Most chimney leaks can be traced back to three areas. First is the flashing around the base of the chimney. Second is the siding and trim or the grout joints if the chimney is brick or stone masonry. The third area is the metal chimney cap and chase cover, or the mortar cap on masonry chimneys.

leaking pipe boots or vent collars

One of the most common causes of roof leaks is pipe boots. Unfortunately, many roofs have low-quality pipe boots that use a rubber collar to make the seal. The problem is this rubber is very subject to UV degradation. It's not uncommon for these pipe boots to fail in 5-7 years. This is why we always recommend high-quality lead pipe jack boots.

roof vents or skylight leaks

Roof vents and skylights in your roof also can be sources of leaking. Although fixed static roof vents, like box and turtle vents, don't leak often it does happen. It's more common for a roof ventilation leak to happen when a roof turbine is blown off the house in high winds. Skylight leaks typically happen when the seals fail, or there is cracking over time on plastic skylight covers. Sometimes it actually is the flashing around the skylight that is found to be the source of the leak.

side wall or valley flashing

Sidewall flashing requires that step flashing and counter flashing be installed properly to ensure you have no leaking. However, even when installed correctly the caulking along the top of the counterflashing can degrade over time. Also, the nails or holes in the step flashing can allow water to find a way in. Roof Valley's can be a source of leaks as well. In fact, some roofs are installed with no flashing in the valley and solely rely on gravity to quickly drain the water from the roof so no leaking happens.

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Not all roofs need to be replaced. At Streamline Roofing you can trust our team to be honest about what we find. You can see from our many reviews and recommendations that we have proven ourselves to be a reliable and reputable roofing company in Parker County.

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Common Roof Repair Questions

The most common roof repairs include:

  • Repairing missing, torn or damaged shingles
  • Repairing damaged or leaking flashing
  • Repairing damaged or leaking roof vents
  • Repairing leaking chimneys
  • Adding roof ventilation

Deciding if you should repair or replace your roof is determined by many various factors. Making the choice to repair or replace your roof first starts with a detailed roof inspection. After the roof assessment, you will be able to make an informed decision between a roof repair or replacement. 

Roof repairs can be tricky, however, in our experience, a quality roof repair will range from $350 to $2,500. It goes without saying that as the cost goes up, it becomes more reasonable to just replace the entire roof. 

To find a roof leak you need to hire a Parker County roofing expert like our team! All jokes aside, it can be tough. It requires a very detailed inspection. Sometimes we need access to the attic to find the roof leak. In other cases, we have to remove shingles from the roof in the suspected area to inspect the decking. Extreme cases may even require that we remove drywall from inside the house to find the exact source. 

Different types of roof repairs will last for different amounts of time. If you have missing shingles that need to be replaced, those may last 10-20 years or more based on the quality of the type of shingle. If you have damaged metal flashing that is replaced, it can last 50 or more years (longer than the rest of the roof). In all cases, when you have a roof repair done, it should last as long as the rest of the roof’s remaining service life. 

Tough question! If you have to ask, then the answer is probably no. It takes knowledge and skills to complete a roof repair that most homeowners just don’t have. 

The most common places for roof leaks to happen are: 

  • Grout joints and mortar caps on masonry chimneys
  • Chimney siding, trim, and flashing
  • Roof valleys with debris or damage
  • Missing or damage shingles
  • Rotted or missing roof pipe jack boots
  • Damaged roof vents
  • Side wall flashing


Yes, if the leak is caused by a storm-related opening or other covered peril. It might not be covered if the leak is found to be caused by normal wear and tear or lack of maintenance. 

Parker County Roof Repair Service Area

When you get a roof leak or have some roofing damage you can trust we are here to help you solve that problem. We believe that in many cases the best option for a homeowner is to complete a repair. This will give them a few more years of service life with the current roof before they need a full replacement. Streamline Roofing is proud to provide quality roofing services in all of Parker County.