According to home advisor, YES.

A new roof yields the highest “return on investment” compared to other similar home improvement projects. A new garage door can yield an ROI of 87% and new wood flooring comes in at 91%.

Replacing your roof can have a 109% return on investment which translates to a gain of $8150 when comparing the average roof cost at $7200. These numbers will change from state to state, but the research shows that you will receive the highest ROI from replacing your roof.  If you upgrade your roof, for example to stone coated steel, during the replacement the numbers can even be greater with thousands of dollars in equity.

It gets even better with insurance coverage.

If you have homeowners insurance and have experienced any damage that could possibly be covered you are in an even better situation. Depending on your coverage you can basically get a new roof for as much at 95% off the replacement value.

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