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roof and shingle wind damage

Parker Count has its fair share of severe storms and the associated wind. Its not just tornadoes that can damage your roof. Even moderate straight-line wind can cause shingle damage that requires repair or even a full replacement.

Sometimes the damage is relatively minor, such as a few missing shingles and a simple roof repair fixes the problem. But in other cases, the shingles can have enough damage that the entire roof needs to be replaced.

The damage might be obvious such as when you find a few shingles that have blown off the roof and into your yard. Or the damage can be much less obvious. Regardless of how apparent the damage is, wind damage can be widespread and lead to long-term roofing issues if not addressed.

No matter the severity or extent of damage the wind has caused, our Parker County roofing company is ready to fix it. If it’s a full replacement covered by the insurance company or a simple repair for a few missing shingles, we are ready to help you solve those roofing problems.

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wondering if your roof has been damaged by wind?

It’s not always easy to look at your roof and see wind damage. Sure, if you see missing shingles then all doubt has been removed, you have wind damage. However sometimes the wind can lift the shingles and damage them, but they are not completely blown off the roof.

Unfortunately, in these cases, the wind damage can be a little more tricky to identify and inspect for as compared to hail damage. Wind damage doesn’t cause secondary damage that’s easy to spot as hail damage does.

If we suspect your roof has been damaged by wind, here are some of the types of damage we inspect for on your roof.

Shingles Blown From The Roof

This is going to be the most obvious sign that you have wind damage to your roof. It could be just a few missing shingles blow off, or an entire section of shingles that have been blown off the roof.

Shingles Torn From Roof

Sometimes wind damage doesn't blow the entire shingles free from the roof, it just creates tears in the shingle tabs. It might also tear off the entire shingle tab, but this wont be as noticeable as having the whole shingle missing and tar paper visible.

folded or creased shingles

The wind might not tear or rip off the entire shingles, it may just crease the shingle tab. When this happens the wind blows the tab back to the point where it causes a crease, but does not tear the shingle off, and the shingle tab will lay back down into place.

Shingles pulled free from nails

When shingles have been pulled free from the nails below it can be hard to detect. This is because the singles are also "glued" together with the asphalt adhesive strips. So when the shingles are lifted it might rip the shingle from the nail, but the adhesive strip will keep it in place. This is still wind damage that needs to be fixed.

ripped adhesive strips

The shingles are held down onto the roof with nails and the shingle tabs are secured to the shingle below them with an asphalt adhesive strip. Sometime the wind will tear the shingle tabs on top free from the adhesive strip below, causing wind damage where water can later get in and form a leak.

What you can look for and signs your roof may have wind damage

Sometimes the wind damage is very obvious and clearly seen. Others times wind damage to your roof may be hard to detect but can lead to ongoing problems. A professional roofing inspection is always recommended when you suspect wind damage, but here are a few things to consider when deciding if you think you may have damage. 

Can wind damage on your roof be repaired?

The Short Answer Is MAYBE

In many cases your roof might only need minor repairs when damaged by wind. It’s not uncommon for only a small area to be damage. However, if you do not address it quickly, the area that is damaged can allow more wind under the shingles and the wind can create additional damage.


It takes a real roofing expert to look at and assess wind damage to your roof. While it is easy to see missing shingles and replaced those, sometimes more damage exist. This is why a detailed roof inspection needs to be done to determine the extent of the wind damage and if a repair is the best option. 

The Long Answer Is IT DEPENDS

Many insurance company field adjusters and even some contractors are not experienced enough to truly inspect for wind damage. That’s why as stated above having a true roofing professional inspect the roof for wind damage is really the only way to determine if the roof can be repaired or if the roof needs to be completely replaced.

It’s important to remember that the roof is a complete system. Each shingle lies on the top portion of the shingle below it and is “glued down” with a strip of asphalt adhesive. The shingles are not designed to be disturbed once installed and sealed together.

When the wind is significant enough that it finds it was under the shingles and rips them from the nails or tears them free from the asphalt adhesive strip the result is wind damage. If it’s truly isolated to a small area, which does happen, then a repair is reasonable and can be done. However if it has compromised the entire section of the roofing system then a replacement is warranted.

When your roof is damaged by wind, it has the potential to be an ongoing issue and slow failure of more and more shingles. Later storms will find these weak spots and blow or tear more shingles off the roof. This is why the detailed and expert inspection of the roof is so critical. Be cautious when the insurance company or a roof repair guy just wants to slap a few shingles up on your roof without a proper inspection.

When your roof has been damaged by wind make sure you truly have a roofing professional and advocate on your side who is knowledgeable and trustworthy. Be cautious when being pushed toward a repair. Yes, there are may  circumstances where a roof repair from wind damage is a great option.

However, as a general rule, you need a detailed and comprehensive roofing inspection to determine if the wind damage can be repaired or if the entire roof needs to be replaced. 

honest roof wind damage inspections, repairs and replacement

We are a professional roofing company that knows what to look for when damaging winds cause issues with your roof. Our detailed inspection will determine how extensive the wind damage is, so you can make an informed and educated decision on if a roof repair or replacement is the best choice to fix the wind damage. Parker County home and property owners just like you trust us as the best local roofing contractor in town. 

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Yes, your roof should be covered by your insurance company if it’s damaged by wind. Most policies will cover the repair or replacement of your roof if it’s damaged by strong winds. 

Yes, it is required by Texas State law HB2102 Chapter 707 took effect 9/1/2019 and made clear that homeowners must pay their deductibles and that insurance companies can withhold the funds to repair the home to enforce this.  

We understand some contractors, will say otherwise or offer this to homeowners, however, this is insurance fraud. 

Because we understand sometimes money can be tight, or you might have cashflow issues, we have options in place to help finance the deductible for your roof. 

Winds in the range of 70-90 mph (miles per hour) are the point that wind can start to cause damage to most roofs. 

Keep in mind many factors affect this, such as the roofing material and quality itself, as well as the age of the roof. 

In some cases winds much lower than 70 mph can cause damage. While some roofs are designed to withstand roofs over 100 mph. 

No. Texas State law and TDI (Texas Department of Insurance) make clear that this is not allowed and insurance companies cannot raise your rates based on filing a claim for natural or weather-related claims. 

In some cases, roof leaks can be covered by homeowners insurance. 

For a roof leak to be covered by insurance it has to be a sudden or acute leak. Storm damage such as wind and hail, or even a tornado that throws objects like lawn chairs against the roof and causes a leak would be covered. 

Accidental damage such as a large tree limb falling on the roof while trimming the tree would be covered as well. 

Slow, long-term natural weathering would not be covered. Lack of maintenance would also not be covered. 

If you are not sure if the roof leak would be covered it’s always a good idea to check with the insurance company to find out for sure.  

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